I'm a self taught artist who finds inspiration in found objects and materials. My dolls and mixed media collages have been on exhibit at the William Grant Still Arts Center in Los Angeles, and at The Jepson Museum in Savannah, GA. 

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to make dolls and little human like figures. I would make them out of whatever I could find around the house. My favorite findings were the "decorative nuts" that would sit in a crystal glass serving dish on my parents kitchen table. It seemed like no one ever actually ate them, so I felt they wouldn't be missed.  There were walnuts, Brazilian nuts, and hazel nuts which were my favorite. I would grab foil and create the body, cotton balls for hair, and food coloring would make for my tie-dye paper towels that I'd use for clothing. That little girl who loved to find broken pieces of jewelry, write songs, and play make-believe theatre, still lives in me to this day.


One of my favorite pastimes is visiting flea markets and antique shops. I'm always in search of a treasure to take home. I'd like to think my artwork is a reflection of the history in found objects, and the joy of giving an object a new life. Butterflies and Fairy wings are seen a lot in my work as symbol of rebirth, nature shows that everyday the sun sets and rises.There is so much beauty and uniqueness found within each imperfect element. I enjoy raw materials like tree bark and acorns, flowers and all that nature has to offer. I also enjoy fabrics and googlie eyes from Michaels. Whatever it is, I want to delight in the experience. 

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Harpy Artwork By @BrianAshing